OneTouch Driving Released (Android)

So I am starting a new game tonight. I got this idea for a quick one touch android driving game. Something like, DRUNK DRIVER or CRAZY DRIVING.

The idea of this game is to investigate the simplicity and addiction of one touch games and in this game the player will play a top down car driving game.

The car will move forward and turn right automatically.
Touch the screen to make the car turn left.
Try to keep the car on the road and avoid obstacles.
This will be a endless driving game and the player must try to get the highest score possible.

This is a sketch of what I have in mind.

So stay in touch the next few hours and days to see the progress of this game develops.


I would like to play it :grin:. Keep going.

Hehehe, thanks @afonsolage I will.

  1. So I am now busy with setting up the project in jME3.0.
    And creating 2 screens:
  • MenuScreen
  • PlayScreen
  1. After that I will load a basic car texture as the player in a Player class and then a Game class that will handle the loading of the scene.

to be continued…

I now have this up and running, no movement or camera chasing yet but that will be next:

therefor I will be working on
3. Getting the car to move in the direction it is facing.
4. Need to also add a turn method that will be called when the player touches the screen of the device.

  • The player will get a AbstractControl class which will make it move in the direction it is facing and also before the adjust the angle of the vehicle.

Sit tight…something very cool that will follow…

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I like your project :smile:
For me it’s the controls that I find the hardest to leverage on mobile platforms, and I think this is why so many ports from PC games just fail on Android/iOS.
On PC it’s just about using the keyboard and the mouse. It’s hard to explain but on mobile platform it has to be in line with tge user experience … It’s not that easy to achieve. Try playing a bad port of doom on android for example …
Anyway, what I want to say is that, if you manage to make the controls “right”, your project has great potential. Please work on making the controls on mobile platforms “right” !

(and please look at Carmageddon for inspiration :stuck_out_tongue: )

O thanks for the info @guillaumevds I will keep al in mind.
So last night I made really good progress on the movement and controls if the vehicles.
So point 4 was success I think and it feels really smooth and next I work on point 5.
5. Add other vehicles and get them to move at various speeds.

  1. Next I need to add some sort of pickup item or powerup but that is not really import right now so I will probably just add coins.
  2. After that I need the crash listener so that I can end the game if the player vehicle crashes against something else.

Lol, how to make a game in one night :wink:
Good work @ndebruyn !!

Exactly, I was thinking in that line.
It is nothing extreme, but basic usage of jME.

Somehow you have an invisible avatar for me. Weird.

For me too, I didn’t notice that. Let me check why.

@pspeed, check now, it should be fine.

So I have some idea now of where this game is going.
It will be a kind of endless getaway from the police game.


  1. Race to getaway from the police on a top down highway.
  2. For each car you pass you get a point.
  3. If you bump a car your speed will deplete for a few seconds.
  4. If you bump a police car the police will chase you.
  5. If you get caught by a police car it is game over.
  6. Try to get as high score as possible.

For now that is that.

For some reason the video makes the words “drunk taxidriver” in my head :slight_smile:

And it would even fit with your design

Yeah that was also something I thought of.
Cool, I think I might go with that.

Okay I made a little progress yesterday with this little game.


So my game is ready to be released.
Here is the final dev video for now.


Add sounds :wink:

The game has sound the only problem is that I do not have software to record video and sound.
Any good software out there for free anyone can suggest?

And finally my OneTouch Driving game is live:
Get it here:

It has fully integrated android play services which include the following:

  • Online play services
  • Leader board
  • Achievements
  • Analytics
  • Etc.

cool! just installed and played the game :smile:
keep it on updated :slight_smile: