Open source web based 3D avatar creator


I am currently looking for open source web based 3D Avatar solutions to build on (create new models, code new GUI etc).

I am looking for something simple to try and understand the code, modify it, share it with friends (an anybody else interested) and colaborate.

I want to use it as a gimmick tool for a website to create 3D user avatars with simple models, very basic animations and simple textures etc (coder/programmer art and not designer art) and display the avatar box (both view and edit) as part of the website.

  1. The models itself should be as simple as early 3D game models (Final Fantasy 7 or other old console games) Link 1, Link 2
  2. Animations should be possible but mustn't be implemented or to sophisticated (bow, move arm or simple walk animation).
  3. Swapping of model parts should be possible (change head, hair, color of trousers or item in hand)
  4. As mentioned before it should be open source and editable.
  5. It should be based on JME because we want to get used to working with JME some day and starting with something based on JME might help a bit.
  6. Implementation should be standard conform (which I think most java applets should be anyway)

    Thanks alot for all answers (even those that might look discouraging for us at first)

If I understand you correctly, you need one readily created base model (not aiming for the complete avatar construction like in Spore right?) that's rigged and preferably animated, the head should be replaceable and possibly 'malleable' (modifying facial features). Add-ons also replaceable, e.g. clothes, hair, facial hair, scars & tattoos.

Okay. So first of all, there are already some really cool, rigged and animated models around that you could easily use. Here are two:

Now, I don't know if those can be loaded in Blender 2.49. I don't think there's an OgreXML exporter available for Blender 2.5 yet.

We've also got a very nice site on our wiki with a bunch of resources set up for you:

From those resources you shouldn't have any problem finding a rigged model to use as your base avatar. Since you're going for basic, this probably ain't exactly down your alley, but it might be cool to check it out anyway: