Open Topics in new tab?

I may just be blind but is there some way to set it so that when you click on an article in the forum that it opens in a new tab instead of in the same window? I saw that option for links in threads but not off of topics.

In many browsers you can just hold ctrl and click on the link youd like to open and it will pop up in a new tab.

Well yes. Just in Reddit it’s a nice feature to just set and forget. I’m not complaining… Just wondering if there was some setting I had overlooked.

Isn’t this what middle mouse button does for everyone? Or am I just lucky?


Huh… Learn something new every day. Didn’t know that that was a hot key.

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Working with a laptop, one forgets about this. XD

In Safari you can do this by pressing the link with three fingers:

You can right click on the topic and from the context menu, select “Open Link in New Tab”.

So many clicks!!! :slight_smile:

I use middle button too :smiley:

that. works on both windows and osx with chrome and firefox

I use middle-button, but anyway, some browsers allow you to configure if clicking a link opens a new tab or not.

True. But then that gets somewhat annoying when you’re say shopping on Amazon or something (at least to me).

Anyways I guess the answer to the question about it being an option is “No” but also “Here’s a list of hotkeys to do it anyways”. I just thought since there was an option to open external links in a new window there’d be one for topics in a new window. Glad to see that I can generate this much discourse off of a simple post. :laughing: