OpenAL Exception


i'm getting this exception with ogg files:

i have no idea what that could be…

I had this error once and it disappeared when i recompressed the sound files…

anyway strange

same problem here:

another problem is that it works fine on some machines…but on others not…

has anyone found a solution?


Hey Fly,

Man, sorry, I've been asking around about this with no luck. Unfortunately, I'm no OpenAL expert, Arman hasn't been around in awhile, and the error code 40963 is ALC_INVALID_ENUM and I don't know where to go from there.

Hi mojomonk,

yes, i have also playing around with the sound samples but I didn't get it.

Lets wait for Arman :wink:

In my application it even does not work sometimes! I weren’t able to figure out when