OpenCL users

Is anybody still using OpenCL with JMonkeyEngine?

Hey Stephen,

I am using OpenCL for some testing purposes. But I still plan to use it for some special cases in my game, such as coherent noise calculations. I’m not sure if I should use OpenCL, OpenGL, or just, as I currently do, my CPU.

Why did you ask this question? :upside_down_face:

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I’ve never been able to get any of the OpenCL tests to work on my hardware. I was wondering if there’s any point in keeping OpenCL support in the Engine.

Imo OpenCL should not be in the core. Since it duplicates most of the internals and is independent from the renderer. It can be implemented entirely as third party extension


What is openCL used for in jme?

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We use an OpenCL particle system based on this lib atop com.jme3.opencl:

It also has functions for fluid simulation.

But I know little about jme-OpenCL integration. @rickard might know.

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