openDs installation help

Hi everyone, I need to know how or where to install, "Java SE Development Environment 8u91x ". thanks

Hi, here we do support for the jMonkeyEngine, we are not involved with OpenDS.
And anyway, what you asked is not clear to me. If your problem is finding where to download the JDK, then you can get it from the oracle website, or you can get openjdk from here

@RiccardoBlb the thing I need to know is, what does this “Java SE development Environment” I don’t know where to install this? and the wort is this on google there is only Java Real Environment or JDK. the problem is if I can install this “Java SE development Environment” then think I can use the opends properly because without this the opends install completely but gives me an error whenever trying to run a task. can you help me with this?

Java SE development Environment is JDK