OpenFlight Models

I'm new to jME, and have been working my way through the sample programs to assess its suitability for use in a Master's thesis.  I have access to OpenFlight 3d models, but can't load them in jME.  I cannot find any references to OpenFlight models in the forums either, and I was wondering if I am overlooking something obvious, or is this format simply not supported.  Thanks for any help you can provide.


Not that I know of…

Maybe you can convert OpenFlight to a model format that jME does support?

At a glance I found this:

However, it costs like $400 to buy.  If you search around a bit further I bet you can find a simple converter that will convert to something like 3DS or MD5 from the OpenFlight format.



I found the Okino one too, but I haven't found anything freely available.  OpenSceneGraph has a converter, but only for its own osg/ive format.  The clients that I work with (all military) only use MultiGen's OpenFlight models, so I guess I have a problem.  Thanks for the feedback.


I guess you'll have to write an importer then… the name does seem to suggest it's an open format :slight_smile:

apparently blender can import those and it's free

good luck



I tried Blender and, yes, I can convert the models to 3ds format.  I haven't figured out how to export the textures with the models, but at least I have a way ahead.  THANK YOU.

unless your models have some tranform animation I would really recommend .obj its the best for statics IMHO.


I tried it as an obj file and the texture exported properly.  Back in business.  Thank you very much.


glad to help 8) :slight_smile: