OpenGL 3.0 and jME

After checking my daily hardware site I noticed Nvidia is about to release a videocard that supports OpenGL 3.0. After doing a quick search I noticed 2 updates will probably be released within 6 months of release. Also, I've been trying to find some more information about the release of OpenGL 3.0 but articles are all dated from end last year.

I was wondering what kind of influence OpenGL 3.0 will have on jME. If i understand correctly, LWJGL will probably release a version that supports 3.0 within the upcoming months. Does this mean jME will also be based on OpenGL3.0? And if so how does this relate to compatibility with videocards or onboard graphical chipsets that don't support 3.0? I read on one site OpenGL will be backwards compatible with older versions but other sites claim it isn't backwards compatible but a driver update might do the trick. It confuses me :slight_smile:

Once lwjgl supports it, we'll look into how we might support it as well.  My guess is that because OpenGL3.0 is pretty different (brand new object model, some fixed functionality dropped in favor of shaders, etc.), we'll need to implement a whole new pathway for it.

My understanding (granted its old) was that OpenGL 3.0 is actually strongly based on OpenGL ES, which is the small devices (eg cell phones and the like) OGL.

Maybe therefor there is some hope that when you support 3.0 it will also not be too much extra work to support ES 8))

Oh one more thing, Doug Twilleager who is the Sun Wonderland team member (and former Java3D architect) that is now working on JME knows a LOT about these specs.  It might be worth picking his brain on how to move ahead with them.