OpenGL context not started

I downloaded jmonkey v3.3.0-stable on my laptop with
Pop! _OS 21.04 - X11
11th Gen Intel® Core ™ i3-1115G4
Mesa Intel® UHD Graphics (TGL GT2) ù

and everything works fine, except the scene composer that when I do “edit in sceneComposer” I get a warning

openGL context is not started

I saw that there are other reports but none of the solutions proposed by the users nor by the troubleshooting page helped me …

and here I am asking for help !!!

i can’t tell, but had same issue when Centos didnt had installed some additional driver packages.(if i remember correctly)

so it might be mesa driver some missing packages related.

I understand everything out-of-sdk work 100% fine.

well, you can always use optional “ways”

thank you, but what are the other routes instead of sceneComposer?

if you are unable to fix issue like i said then there are a lot of alternatives:

  • code your scene
  • use Blender for scene composing(some people use this way, using markers for objects/etc)
  • use community alternative scene editors(but i dont think there is any good there)
  • make own game editor(SDK editor is open source so you can copy paste elements too)
  • etc etc

Note that SDK Scene Composer is unable to operate over ECS system anyway. Or cant edit “unconventional” elements like custom terrain/etc so it depends what you need.

If you need simple editor, you should try fix SDK scene composer, but if you plan to make game bigger and very customized, you will end up with custom scene composer solution too. and well… SDK itself is optional.

but since you have i3 integrated graphic card, i belive you want a simple game.

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