Opengl es 3.0+ and newer android sdk platforms

hello all im new in jme and i am an android developer is there any development on jme to make it more “current” to the newer platforms out there?

btw the engine is really amazing and the work is fluid with it

jME will already use features from OpenGL 3+ if they are available, but the minimum required is OpenGL 2.

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OpenGL es 2 is a stripped version of openGL 3 and openGL es 3.0 is a stripped version of openGL 4.3
the openGL es is used for lower end systems as smartphones the jme3 uses LWJGL that currently don’t support openGL es 3 but there is an alternative JOGL is supporting the newest features of openGL es 3

For android we use neither lwjgl or Jogl, we have a custom renderer over standard android ogl es wrapping.
If you want to use ogl es 3 ony features in your shaders for example, you already can. But they will only work on devices that supports it of course.

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LWJGL does support OpenGL ES 2 / 3, however we do not use LWJGL on Android or iOS devices. Those have their own APIs that permit access to OpenGL ES.

I have a fragment shader that could benefit from TextureArrays. I need to be compatible with Android and I’m getting the error extension ‘GL_EXT_texture_array’ is not supported, though I know my hardware supports OpenGL ES 3.0. Momoko_Fan mentions above that some es 3.0 features are supported.

Are TextureArrays officially supported on android under jme3 and if not, how hard would it be to include them?