OpenGL & JMonkey crashes in Windows Vista


I'm trying to run any application (programmed in OpenGL or JMonkey) in Windows Vista Ultimate 32bits, compiled by me, but I can't :frowning: I try with your examples, and the application is launched, but when I set the resolution settings and do play, the application ends with and error and I can't debug I can't do anything. Anyone knows the reason of this?


I think the error message would help some.

Also any other information you have available.

It could very well be the graphics drivers… try updating them… also, try to run in full-screen and in windowed mode, sometimes a buggy driver might crash on one set and not on the other.

I'm using jmonkey in vista 64 and there is no problem.

Thanks for the reply's, I think the driver could be the problem, because I'm using some beta drivers. I ask also to my friends and they can run perfectly in the same Windows Vista. Well, I'll try to fix it.

Thanks a lot!