OpenGL native libraries


Perhaps someone can help me. I have programmed a program using JME and everything runs perfectly on my computer. If I run the program on another computer spatials are created with NullPointExceptions. Of course all native libraries of JME are included. However, I ask myself if there has to be OpenGL installed by the user which uses my program on his computer manually. How does openGL work? Are there any OpenGL native libraries which are claled by the native JME (LWGL) libraries or is OpenGL already installed on Windows / Linux platforms? Thanks a lot for help.



As far as I know the OpenGL implementation is part of the graphics driver.

An OpenGL implementation is usually included by the operating system. If it is unavailable on the machine then you will get an error during display creation.

To me it seems like the problem might be in your code. Issues with the OpenGL libraries usually are much more severe (native crashes, etc), than a simple NullPointerException.

Perhaps you can the problematic code?

It's also possible (but highly unlikely) that your graphics card does not support a recent enough implementation of OpenGL…  Like I said, however, this is probably the least likely case, as jME shouldn't require anywhere near the newest implementation of OpenGL…

+1 on Momoko_Fan's point about OpenGL crashes though… I don't think your game would get far enough to spit out an NullPointerException if your OpenGL capabilities weren't there

Do any of the simple demos (e.g. or similar) work on the machine? It may be a case that some functionality you are using isn't supported by the other machine ( out of curiosity - what OS and gfx card has it got? )

Installing the latest gfx card drivers might also help…