Opengl version

Hello, I’m new here,

I’m actually trying to learn how to use JMonkeyEngine and to do so, i’m trying many different things.
But right now I’m facing an issue that I do not understand. I initiated a Appsettings Field in order to customize my screen options such as the resolution, refresh rate, title etc. But when I try to use the 4.5 version of OpenGL as a renderer, the software keeps crashing while only 3.0 and under is the lonely one which seems to be working, leaving me with a single message: “Unsupported renderer: LWJGL-OpenGL33” or “Unsupported renderer: LWJGL-OpenGL45”.

I swear that my amd RX 480 's driver are up to date and are even capable of running the 4.6th version of OpenGL (from glviewer).

Any reason for this?

Are you on Linux machine ?

Not sure if this will help, but can you try this:

I was, but I tried on Windows and I keep having the same issue.

EDIT : Sadly the Core profile Come with the version 3.3 and not 3.0. It’s only when I try to use the core profile mod that the crash occurs