OpenGL Window Blank (Ubuntu 11.10)

The OpenGL Window is still playing up in the JME Beta. Often I have the following happening: (1) I view / edit a model, (2) the page in blank, (3) I press the button “Miximize Window” (internal button), (4) the model appears in the larger OpenGL window and stays on for further manipulation, (5) occasionally when I close the OpenGL window, JME will crash without anything in the log.

Something must have happened because now I always get a blank page when trying to view a model.

Did you update to the latest stable updates?

I have all stable updates but also some overnight updates, so these could cause the problem perhaps. I’ll wait for the new updates to come through.

Can you post the log anyway?

@Momoko_Fan, after a bit of a break from JME and some investigation, it seems that after upgrading to the BETA I failed to reset Xms and Xmx parameters. OpenJDK also came back from hell and JME would use it despite the system default (I had a bit of disaster with the new GNOME after trying to uninstall Open Java). However setting the path to JDK in the configuration file, seems to have fixed the problem. The system is still unstable, however, the blank OpenGL preview of models seems to have been addressed.