Opening SceneViewer 14% ~ Weird Problem

Hi Everyone, I have a weird problem when I use jme3 - Everything works fine but throughout all my time using it in the bottom right corner it just says opening sceneviewer 14% - and it just stays like that. Whenever I exit the jme3 it says something like ‘Exiting will end these processes: Opening sceneviewer - Are you sure?’

It doesn’t really effect my work, it just seems like a weird problem. Anyone have any ideas? thanks! :slight_smile:

This is the most common issue newbies have with jmp. It’s probably you are using bad graphic card drivers. The SceneViewer for jmp BETA is an OpenGL 2 canvas, but you can change it to be OpenGL1 canvas or LWJGL canvas via Options---->Canvas(or something like that).