OpenSteer/Fuze3d - jME Boids

Any chance of you making this webstartable? People might have fun playing with this.

possible, but it’s not really optimised and would need more work to ensure it does not chug on low spec machines.

Slightly OT: I have not done any webstart apps as yet so have just started looking at the process. It seems a bit convoluted, though there are some guides available (javagaming etc).

I came across this Ant task that streamlines it (supposadly, can;t download it atm) is for sale

Anybody else knoe of tools to streamline or auto build via Eclipse the JNLP distribution?



I was not able to download the fuze3d jar via

I can't find the jar to download it, has someone here a copy on hardisc ?

Or is there some link where i can get it ?