OpenVX-1.2-Released in JMonkey?


Do you think I can use JMonkey with OpenVX? It would be good for web cam implementation correct?

Thank you so much.


Your opinion is greatly appreciated, as I come to this forum to study everyday :slight_smile: I have not heard of any Java supporting OpenVX from this Khronos group. Would this “OpenVX” be suitable for web cam? Is there anything similar in JMonkey for web cam.


I think you could use JavaCV to access the camera and write your own implementation for JME

Sound good. Thank you very much.


I advise you to ask for OpenVX support in JogAmp first and then JMonkeyEngine could write an higher library above such a Java binding for the OpenVX library. In my humble opinion, it makes much sense than asking for OpenVX support directly in JMonkeyEngine.

P.S: JavaCV works very well with JOGL too.

I see. Thank you. I will check it out.