Opinions on this demo project for JPony?

This was a a debug project for my JPony plugin that I turned into a 5 minute gaming short. If anyone would like to download it and give it a try. I’m interested in what you think about the control and fluency of the game. Sorry the file is so large I use .tga files so it bulks up the file size.

Controls WASD/QE movement , space = jump , left click = attack , R = activate , ESC = exit menu.

Smart camera has been enabled. Drag the mouse while holding the right mouse button to rotate the view. Zoom using the mouse wheel.

Switch views F1 = first person , F2 = third person , F3 = top down

(I fixed the AI and the weapon hit box range)

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The controls are responsive enough but kind of odd. I think the main problem is the way the camera is stuck to the character. It reminds me of that Zero Punctiation quote:

Combat is almost exactly the same as RE4 with the same inability to shoot from the hip and the same camera mounted on the stop sign sticking up the main character’s tight beautiful arse

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I’d rather use something along the lines of GTA San Andreas’s camera and control setup which worked pretty well iirc. I don’t know if the controls are a plugin thing or a quick debug implementation thing so I don’t even know if this helps you at all.

Some animation problems, apparently the character state isn’t reported correctly if you spam jump:

Some minor running on the spot thing:

I dig the art style though. It would probably look even better if there were more features (grass/bushes/rocks/etc.) to the terrain but this isn’t what we’re testing is it?

Thanks ,

I thought I squashed that jump bug. I’ll have to tighten the off ground jump parameter up some more.

You can zoom the camera in out with the mouse scroll wheel. Hold shift and the right mouse button then drag the mouse to rotate your view.

There is a free fly and camera follow mode. I disabled for this demo so the player couldn’t accidentally take the camera out into the dark abyss that lies beyond the terrain.

The model didn’t have a turn animation :slight_smile: so I used run instead.

I have a ton of stuff but never added it. I really wanted to check functionality over beauty.

Thanks again , I’ma go fix stuff.

Jump bug fixed. I also enable first person and top down camera. I’ll upload the fixed version tomorrowish.

Also liking the art style. Just look unpolished - like an early demo - which it is :smiley:

One thing I think might go nicely with that sort of art is fog effects. I don’t necessarily mean in the sky, though a cool dark themed foggy sky could be cool (I actually like pure black skies in games, reminds me of older titles that had a really dark vibe), but perhaps cloudy fog coming from the floor too. Like a layer of mist.

Easier said then done I know, nice work anyway!

I’m working on a graphics menu to replace the default jmonkey menu. I have fog in the game but I turned it off because I find fog really annoying. Some people enjoy it so the option is there.

Cell shading goes really good with the art except the trees. It makes the trees look awful.