Optimise node with different materials

Is jmonkey engine able to optimise a node that contains different materials or at least different textures ?

Texture atlas is the key workd here

Yes it can:

also BatchNode can optimize as far as i remember…
if you have 100 objects and 10 materials you will get 10 optimized objects.
But this is for static objects.

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Okay cool !

If the batch factory groups geometries with same material, its sufficent for my actual need. But can we still apply shaders like glow or else?

I will test the texture atlas (if I understand it in the code, I don’t use the JDK) but I need to repeat my textures and to manipulate UV on my meshes, so I’m not sure it will be usefull.

Thanks a lot for you fast answers guys !

Manipulating UVs is not a problem.
Repeating textures is not possible for atlases, I think.