Optimizing a 3D Character in my example

Hi there,

I have a beginner question.

If one day, I would create a game with 3D characters, just like an example below. What would optimizing technique be for both creating such 3D characters using Blender and developing them in Jmonkey for 3D game.


In other words, what should I do in Blender as well as JMonkey in order to optimizing the game frame rate?


Game optimization is a book-size topic. First: create that game :slight_smile:


I know that too, as I have been reading a lot. However, upon reading so many materials, I found that picture in one of the books, and my mind was like okay how I should do that optimally and efficiently. I also do not want that example to be a shadow, but a real character.

I can’t develop anything for now, but that would be soon, I think.


In general, the best thing you can do to optimize at the model level is not waste vertices or texture memory. Prefer using lower resolution meshes and normal maps for high detail over high resolution meshes, and don’t use higher texture resolutions than you have to. If a 512x512 texture shows enough detail, don’t use a 2048x2048.

On most modern desktop graphics hardware, however, the number of draw calls you make are probably going to have the largest effect on framerate. Using things like batching and instancing to lower draw call count will have a drastically greater effect in most cases than lowering mesh/texture resolution. Also, if you have crazy complex fragment shaders, those will likely become a bottleneck before geometry complexity will.

When it comes to the models and textures, “waste not, want not” and you’ll probably be fine. If you hit a specific issue bring it up here and I’m sure you’ll have no lack of help resolving it.

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I have one more question, though. From the picture given, I am guessing that it would be texture of one blue colour, so I do not need to think of anything high resolution like 2048x2048. Can’t I just fill colour to this character at the end without using texture, so that it might render faster?

I also heard that Jmonkey requires at least one texture, so what is the correct way to do no texture character in JMonkey?

Now, that I read your post, it leads me into thinking of wire frame :slight_smile: I will have to think further of how to put one color next. I think JMonkey has this something by the term “Shadow Filter”.

Thank you so much for your answer. I really can’t get my thinking right as a newbie.

Cart before the horse.
Wiki is linked at top and left side nav menu.

Start at installation and read it like a book in the order presented.

Your character will be visualized by a model with one or more geometries. Each geometry will have a material and a mesh. Textures are typically incorporated into materials. However, it’s possible to have a material that doesn’t use any textures. Thus it’s possible to have character with no textures.

You must learn the tools and terminology before you can design your masterpiece. Like @mitm I suggest working through the tutorials step by step.

Thank you so much everyone.