Order of transformations


I just recently found out about jmonkey, and already love it.

A couple of years ago, i played around with opengl. In opengl when using the transformation the order of operations is important.

first rotating then translating would give a different result than a translation followed by a rotation.

One would rotate around center and then translate, the other would make the object rotate around a different center.

In the scenegraph, all transformations are local. And the scenario above can be easy achieved easily. However I’m not sure how to do the following.

I want to create a circle of objects that face the center.

in opengl i would get this by applying rotate → translate → rotate.

I spend some time googling and in the api found the com.jme.math.TransformMatrix.TransformMatrix class, but I seems to have disappeared in jme3? Another solution could be rotate a vector, then scale by the radius and use the result as translation. But the vector classes itself have no translation methods.

Perhaps anyone knows of a better approach or part of the api I haven’t discovered yet?



ok thanks