Orthogonal rendering?


Another question from me :slight_smile:

I wondered if jME can render a scene orthogonal.

Setting the rootNode to ORTHO render mode seems to have no effect.

(Guess “ortho” so far means just “screen element”, am i right?)

I searched around a bit, but didn’t find anything.

Is there a possibilty to make jME render orthogonal (without perspective) optionally?

Most 3D tools I know have a switch for perspective/orthogonal mode (blender f.ex.).

I guess as rendering orthogonal is much easier (as far as i know), it is no big deal for 3D engines to offer this as well.

This could be very useful (or even needed) for example, if you want to show a scene (game map, terrain, whatever) from a strict birds-eye view. As an overview map or something.

Or imagine a 3D “blueprint” model of some vehicle or whatever (you know, these spinning wireframes)

In cases like that, the perspective rendering can fudge the view.

So it would be very nice to have something like that in jME, too.

Is it possible and I just didn’t search enough?

If not, is it possible to make it possible somewhen in the future? :smiley:

(If it isn’t too much effort…)

Also know as parallel projection / orthographical rendering.

See this topic:


There's a lot of wrong assumptions on my part in that thread (I was very new to jME) but I did figure it out in the end. If you look at the last page of the topic you can see I even made a patch for it. That's very broken by now of course, and I wasn't to happy about the quality of the patch, plus is was still incomplete (no culling). It did work and the effect was very nice IMHO.

I've put it on my TODO list to reimplement this before the next release. It will probably work by adding some new methods to the Camera and a seperate RenderQueue if I can get culling to work well that way. (The RenderQueue you're using now is for 2D objects for making a HUD and such)

Cool, thx for the answer.

Then I'll wait and see when it will be available.

It's no urgent thing (for me), just good to know it's somewhere on the list :slight_smile: