Other Monkey Smiley for Exceptions

maybe this sounds a little strange, but I want to ask my younger brother to use the SDK for making game levels … and … he likes monkeys, but since working with the SDK shows exceptions from time to time, I get to see a lot of exploded monkey heads.

Would it be possible to exchange that monkey smiley with the exploded head to something more monkey-friend-friendly?
I’m good at drawing cartoons and know how to use my art skills, I could make a different icon.
I only need to know where to save the image (if possible) or how to do this in a different way.

By the way, I appreciate your hard work and am looking forward to see the next stable release of the SDK!

This made me laugh… not at you… just laugh. I think the monkey is supposed to be crying, not exploding… could be wrong.

@t0neg0d said: This made me laugh... not at you... just laugh. I think the monkey is supposed to be crying, not exploding... could be wrong.

There is one with the top of his head blown off. :explode:

@pspeed said: There is one with the top of his head blown off. :explode:

Hah… I really thought it was just a shitty picture of a monkey crying… hahahaha… need to get my eyes checked >.<

Nice that I made you smile. :slight_smile:

What about a way to a solution? Just a short hint about how to replace the icon locally. I will try it out.

You can’t really replace the icon without building the whole SDK for yourself. I thought when I went through “Ren and Stimpy” the kids nowadays can take the brainless monkey… ^^ Well I’ll see for 3.0.1 about using another image.

Little off topic here, but, what kind of game are you making? How old is your brother (this has nothing to do with exploding monkeys… well… sort of does… i.e. He is old enough to develop in Java… work his way around JME’s IDE… but not old enough to see cartoon exploding monkeys??!) But… the real reason I’m asking is… when you say, “making levels”, I think model in Blender… What would he be doing?

Not a kid, just someone who likes monkeys. Did not show him the SDK yet, but I think he won’t like this icon. I didn’t like it either.

Okay, if you would like me to provide some suggestions, I can draw some. (what’s the icon size? 16x16?)

Looking forward to seeing new awesome stuff

We have enough monkey smilies I guess, thanks :slight_smile: Also for the unusual but welcome input :wink:

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@t0neg0d said: But... the real reason I'm asking is.. when you say, "making levels", I think model in Blender... What would he be doing?

Making levels will comprise adding and positioning items in the SceneComposer, defining the start position for the three player characters and for some enemies and editing the terrain and water. This will happen for a series of scenes which then form typical game levels. The assets will be provided for him and I will write the Java code and organize and gamify the assets. I will try to (mis)use the SDK as a pure Level editor for him. I will code in a pure Netbeans with the latest or the last stable jme3 version. Not yet sure how to manage that in detail, but I’ll find a way.

@t0neg0d said: Hah... I really thought it was just a shitty picture of a monkey crying... hahahaha... need to get my eyes checked >.<

Eye test:
:lol: :cry: :explode:

Spot the sad monkey.

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I’m not sure how to handle our co-work in detail (i.e. misusing SDK as Level editor + combining with my code).
I will try to avoid a version control system, because this can impose a challenge on people not familiar with this topic.

I know how to make assets jme-ready and we will use “Link” instead of “Add” in SceneComposer for enhanced flexibility.

Many A.I. related things can be done via spawning at runtime and positioning dummy marker beacons and trigger zones in the Level editor.
The game mechanics will consist of a similar approach (analysing and augmenting things at runtime with my Java code).
Might be slower than baking everything into one .j3o file, but will still be fast enough, hopefully.

Wow… I think it is really awesome that you’re involving your brother. (Yeah… a typical mom response… but I think it’s really cool).

Is this a single player or multi-player game?

@pspeed said: Eye test: :lol: :cry: :explode:

Spot the sad monkey.

:-? Earring monkey
:mrgreen: Zombie monkey
:-o Alternate method for paying the rent monkey.
:hitler: harelip monkey
:google: monopoly monkey
:!: We could not think of a good monkey for this monkey
:explode: Sad monkey with red channel adjusted monkey

I think I got this now!

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Is this a single player or multi-player game?

It will be a multiplayer game, but not an MMO game.
Think of Borderlands, with activated friendly fire that allows players to kick each other if they want.
Many early games that I still remember from my childhood were designed with this kind of player’s freedom.

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@t0neg0d said: :explode: Sad monkey with red channel adjusted monkey

He cried blood so hard he lost half of his head. Poor monkey.