Other musicians/composers?

If you have a SoundCloud page then link it here and I’ll follow back. Maybe others will also. :slight_smile:

I created one so that I could “compete” (not really a competition) in the “Music Weeklies Challenge” (https://twitter.com/MusicWeeklies) more easily.

Here’s mine:


Learning music production these days and must say that it’s one of the rare subjects where formal education on the subject would probably help a lot. If anyone knows any good music theory or sound design explanations/tutorials, I’d love to know about it.

I don’t play these days but as a boy my dad played guitar a lot and I used to try to emulate him.

The only thing I could suggest is buy a guitar and some starter books. Learn how to tune it. A lot of it is just sheer practice. How to “hear” notes and stuff all comes with time. Keyboards are also fun. I play with my son, I’m learning with him. It gives you a reason to spend some quality time and learn together.

I’d also be interested in the latter. It’s a very deep pond and hard to know where to start.

Also interested in the former but now I’m not sure I’d have the patience. I learned music theory by trial and error. I’m learning more formal theory as part of guitar lessons… and trying to put names to the things I do intuitively is sometimes frustrating.

I recommend this book, which I have on my shelf:
Edly’s Music Theory for Practical People (2nd edition) by Ed Roseman


I would recomend musictheory.net
I’ve used FL Studio producers edition for a good solid 10 years and that website helps a ton with music theory - plus its free to use!