Thanks again for the compliments on the games guys!

Here's a bit about us (although I can't give too many details as we're trying to be a little bit under the radar for the moment and I can't speak about the details of my friend's projects).  We're a group of 3 guys who met a few years ago making J2ME games at another company and decided to form a games company of our own after a few years apart.  We decided as a rampup task we would each make a jME game to test the platform.  We evaluated jME at the suggestion of a few friends of ours at a big studio, who are planning to use it for a free to play MMO.

My name's Matt Slevinsky, and I've been programming Java professionally for about 4 years (and coding professionally for about 10 years).  The other two guys are comparably experienced, some in the traditional games industry as well as the J2ME space.

Each of our games were designed to take about 16 days of time to get to releasable condition, although these ones have varied considerably.  Candy Defense was probably 20 days, Mars Settler took a little longer, and BigFun Motorcycle Trials has taken the longest - probably about 4 weeks of development time.  We will probably release BigFun next week, its the most polished + content intense game we've made so far so I hope you guys check it out.

Since you guys are all here, I was wondering if you guys would like us to put a link to jmonkeyengine on the website and give you guys some credit, because we totally do appreciate all the hard work you developers/maintainers have put into making jME as great as it is.



Kudos on getting not just one game out but several :)  (Most people have problems just finishing one.)

And yeah, we appreciate mentions of our hard work whenever possible.  :P  Intro screen icons and link backs on sites are two of the best ways to thank us.  8)