OutlinePass on a box without diagonal lines


I want to draw the outlines of a Box. I’m already using OutlinePass and it works fine, but it draws the lines of every polygone. But I do not want the lines of the diagonals to be drawn. See example below.

Also setting the Face of the Wireframe to “Back” does not work, as it does not draw the horizontal and vertical lines of the front face.

Anybody an idea? Thanks

Create a custom mesh class based on the box one.

This is jME2, btw

Momoko_Fan said:
This is jME2, btw

Hehehe, "This is *not* my engine" ^^

Well, to answer the question, the wireframe part needs to be on the back, but you also need to up scale the cube a bit so it actually appears behind it

Also, normen, I said this was jME2 since you usually make the assumption the people are using jME3 and then everybody gets confused :open_mouth: