Outlining (again)


I would like to outline objects, but the toon /cell shading is not nice to look at

I would rather think of using the stencil buffer or some sort

I already saw on the forum that some were pointing to use shaders, but

i am not good at shaders, or at least i don’t see at all how i would add an outline to a mesh

a good old method consisted of scaling the object, drawing it with a shadeless color (face cull set to off)

and draw the original object on top of it

wich is quiet ok for what i need

but how would i do pre/post rendering with jme ?

do i have to use layers in some way, wich would mean

1 layer for the scene

1 layer for the outline

1 layer for the original shaded object

i think it would be non effective on cpu/gpu cost

or do i have to use framebuffers textures

can someone enlight me ?