Overlaying 3D Object

Hi all,

I’m creating a 3D Editor with jME3; I would like having a sphere on the left bottom side of the current viewport to allow the user to rotate the selected object.
If the camera were rotated, the sphere shouldn’t be moved ready.

Can I do that with jME3?

Anyway, Thanks you all guy that worked on this engine, great job.


Yes, that can be done…in many, many ways.

One way is to track the sphere and move it with the movement of the main camera.

Another is to add the sphere to the GUI node. app.getGUINode()

Thanks you very much!

I’m aiming at drawing the 3D axises as an overlaying object;

I’ve used getGUINode() without the visual impact I was looking for; thus I’ve decided to go for a solution like blender with the axises in the scene; now I was guessing how, and if, I can chose the order in which mesh are rendered in the scene; I would like having axises rendered above everything. Is it possible with jMonkeyEngine?

Thanks in advance.

If you had a j3m material file, go to the second tab “Additional RenderState” and untick depth test at the bottom. To do that in code if you set the material that way I think is: