[Paid + Revenue Share] Looking for some programmers and modelers/animators to join my indie game team

Hi. As the title says, I’m looking for some people who can program and model to make some games with me.

I want to start small, like some small Android games, and work up to some larger projects-- maybe after expanding the team and crowdfunding on Kickstarter or something.

I’m not able to pay a lot, and I don’t know any specific prices yet, but I can work that out with anybody who is interested.

I can program a little bit, but not enough to make any full games by myself, which is why I need a programmer or two to help.
I can’t model or animate very well in Blender though, so modelers will be all on their own here.

I can also provide most of our projects’ art. I won’t just be sitting around giving ideas and not actually doing anything. However, even if I were to do that, you’d be getting paid, so it wouldn’t really matter lol.

I have tons and tons of game ideas, and I can’t wait to bring them to life with some help.

Either reply here, or email me at smittyblack5@gmail.com if you’re interested.

With this premise, my humble advice is to join an already established team. There two options that come on top of my head are the Minecraft clone and the Kahzad dwarf fortress; both of them are looking for team members.