Painting terrain doesnt work for more than 4 textures

Hi everyone,

i’m pretty new to the forum an jme so please forgive me if i chose the wrong

forum and (maybe) the newbie question.

Also i’m german so please forgive me wrong spelling and grammar too :wink:

My problem:

I’m working on an own terrain editor for my specific needs in creating worlds.

Now i’m kinda stuck in painting my textures on terrain.

I loaded two alphamaps and 6 textures, gave the textures a color (i.e. grass is red, dirt is green, and so on).

Textures on alphamap 2 have the same colors (first one is red, second is green, and so on).

Now, if im painting on alphamap 1 i set the colors on the same position in alphamap 2 to (0,0,0,0) and i.e. paint grass with (255,0,0,0) on alphamap 1.

But the result is that the terrain is painted with the textures from alphamap 2.

My first thought was to make alphamap 2 transparent at that position, but the alphachannel is occupied by a texture, thats why i tried color 0,0,0,0.

I’m using the TerrainLighting material.

Is there someon that can help me? What am i doing wrong?

Thank you for your efforts!

Why don’t you extend the existing Terrain Editor or make additional plugins/extensions that serve your needs? This way you a) avoid reinventing these wheels and b) have a chance that your own code gets improved by others too.

Isnt TerraMonkey more or less a plugin for netscape?

Well i preferr eclipse, just because im more familiar with it.

And i spent around 100 hours in developing this editor yet, so it

would be a pity to just give it up.

But TerraMonkey already handles the texture problem?

Maybe i can have a look at the TerryMonkey code to find a solution.

Netscape? Lol. You don’t have to use jMP for coding, you can just edit assets with it too. But it isn’t really any different from eclipse anyway.

is TerraMonkey open source?

And if so, where can i have a look at it?

found it, sorry for stupid questions, i will tell if i found a solution if someones interested

hm, looks as if TerraMonkey does the same, dunno what im doing wrong.

But TerraMonkey works with more than 4 Textures doesnt it?