Panels, setInteractOnRelease after consuming the mouse click event

This seems to only happen with elements other than buttons:

I have only confirmed this with mouse right-clicking…

setInteractOnRelease is fired off on mouse move (after the mouse-click release happens).

It seems like the event is stored and then fired off on the next mouse move event.

I’m going to switch these elements to buttons and see if it clears up the issue.

P.S. This is just an FYI.

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Spoke too soon… happens with buttons as well

Bit more info:

This happens if you consume the mouse click and use the mouse release.

It’s strange that it would execute on mouse move after the fact.

Well its a queue, its not exactly “strange” but definitely not as it should be :slight_smile:


Do you know if this is on the JME side or the Nifty side? It seems to be tied into the inputManager and showing/hiding the cursor.

I use this often with right-click as it enables/disables mouse look (right-click down… hide cursor, look with mouse | right-click up… show cursor, disable mouse look)

In the game I am working on… I disable mouse look and show the cursor at client launch… it takes me right-clicking and releasing before Nifty is even aware that events are happening.

Nope, no idea how its exactly working together but I think most of it is on the jme side. I’d have to check the code too but I also know theres some known issues with it atm. @Momoko_Fan?


Where can I find a list of known issues related to either the inputManager, NiftyGUI input or both so I can avoid posting about known issues? Will also save me time in trying to debug code that might not be bugged (ok… might not be bugged related to the current issue lol) :wink:


I’ve narrow it down to the following:

if you use


at all… it screws with how events are a) passed to Nifty OR b) executed by Nifty

It does seem to be specific to right-click events, as left-clicks are handled properly

The ChaseCamera calls setCursorVisible automatically… so there is no way to avoid doing this (I wouldn’t want to avoid doing this anyways, but…)

Hope this is helpful in tracking down the issue. I’ll see what I can find.

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IssueFrontpage in general and Issue 520 in this special case maybe?

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@void256 said:
IssueFrontpage in general and Issue 520 in this special case maybe?

Thanks so much... Issue 520 is exactly whats happening. This would also explain why using setCursorVisible(true) during the client setup of my app starts with Nifty getting no right-click input from JME.

In my particular case, this is what I see happen:

  1. On client start

    –I set cursor visible

    –Nifty gets no input until I use the mouselook of the camera.

  2. I use mouse look

    –Nifty recieves mouse down even fine

    –Mouse up does nothing, but the event is fired off on the next mouse move.

  3. Trying to bypass this by disabling the mouse trigger of the camera (or disabling the camera all together) if the mouse is over a GUI element

    –Right-click and release is seen without a hitch the first time… and then ignored.

    Not sure if this info is helpful /shrug
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Thanks. Theres definitely some quirks, all information helps if its this well presented :slight_smile:

Can you try the latest build? I think I fixed this issue now.

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