Still a lot of work to go but its coming along. I may put up a video once it feels closer to being polished.

Looking good, like the idea of paper models :slight_smile:

Looking very nice :slight_smile: You have a nice coherent look and feel coming together.

One thing I will say though is you should get someone to do an English check for you. The grammar in your “capture the intel” description is terrible (two flat out mistakes where you have used the wrong word, and a few things that are a bit clumsy as well) … and that makes the whole thing look less professional.

Thanks, yeah when I was doing the artwork I should have taken a rest break. thanks for the catch.

I also have a little bit of the gameplay in a video, but I am going to wait till The networking is up to display.

I wouldn’t burn your text into the image (I gather that’s what you are doing) as it makes fixing things like typos, doing internationalization, etc much harder. I’d recommend either putting the text on afterwards (using either nifty or the jme text stuff) or burn it into the image programmatically the first time you load the image using something like ImagePainter.

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Cool, I like the art style, reminds me of “Micro Machines” :slight_smile: