Parallax and PBR in jme 3.1

Is classic or steep parallax implemented in the PBR branch?

If i try to use a parallax map,the shader throws this error:

com.jme3.renderer.RendererException: compile error in: ShaderSource[name=Common/MatDefs/Light/PBRLighting.frag, defines, type=Fragment, language=GLSL100] 0:347(60): error: `vViewDir' undeclared 0:347(88): error: no matching function for call to `classicParallaxOffset(sampler2D, error, vec2, float)'; candidates are: 0:347(88): error: vec2 classicParallaxOffset(sampler2D, vec3, vec2, float)

I had no matter using PBR with just normals map.

there might be issues, I’ve seen Kirill fixed things in that regards in the classic lighting shader, I didn’t reported his fixes in the PBR shader.

I’ll look into it thanks for reporting.

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What do you mean?

If i use normals map with PBR i get no error.This happens only if i put a ParallaxMap into the material.

I fixed this issue.
Also found out that Parallax was actually not working properly without normal map in classic lighting. Fixed it too.
Also merged master into PBR branch

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Great :slight_smile: thanks