Parallel Projection Issue - How to zoom away?

Hello JME3 gurus,

I have got a problem with parallel projection.
the first image shows a crystal structure, rendered in non parallel projection mode.

No I change my view to parallel projection and suddenly I only see the centered brown atom only.

I tried to change all kind of parameters but didn’t succeed in “zooming out”. Changing the camera position does not help. therfore, I suppose that I missed something?
Thanks a lot for your help in advance.


“Zoom” doesn’t mean anything in parallel projection… because projection is parallel. Things get farther away and they stay the same size… that is the single distinguishing feature of parallel projection after all.

You just need to setup parallel projection properly. Since I can’t see your code I don’t know what you did or didn’t do.

You need to modify the viewing volume. Look at:


There is also a parallel projection test:

Thanks for fast answer.

Zooming was the wrong word. I was going to explain that my camera moves closer to the object to “magnify” it. In non parallel projection this works pretty well. I only let the camer move along its view direction to approach to my “universe center” (or crystal in my case) or move away from it.

With your help I manged to implement the parallel projection view. As far as I understood I can not move the camera along its view direction to move closer to the “universe center” or any object in parallel projection. I have to resize the frustum box setting to “magnify”.

So, to implement a “magnify” action class I have to find out if I am in parallel mode or not. If not in parallel mode I will “magnify” moving the camera along its view direction, if in parallel mode I’ll magnify changing frustum box size.

Thanks a lot for your help.