Parallel Projection problem with Z-buffer i think

The renderer with Parallel Projection and Whithout, Any ideas for resolve this problem ?

Did you set up a zbufferstate?

Maybe a CullState to enable backface culling could help also.

hmm like msj121 said, maybe your normals are wrong.

Also make sure your normals are correct? Is this an imported model?

I tested all options with Zbufferstate.TestFunction.* but no changement , visible or invisible.

If i active the backface culling , it's better ! But now the materials aren't correctly to apply at the girl.

at least it looks like the normals are corrupt

this is definitely a ZBufferState problem. Even the fact that with all options nothing changes is curious.

my guesses:

  • you didnt set the state (model.setRenderState(zbs))
  • you didnt call update (model.updateRenderState())

Sorry now with backface culling and a custom zBufferState , it's almost good renderer.

I use this code :

ZBufferState buf = display.getRenderer().createZBufferState();

CullState cs = display.getRenderer().createCullState();

But , still a little bug with the left hand and the bunches of the girl.

You see that on the picture in attachement

p.s: Sorry for my english



if you see the whole model correctly then, its a normals issue (the few that you cannot see now are messed up)

EDIT: you could try to load your model with the jme integrated ModelLoader and see what happens there.

Figured it was the normals, sometimes looks perfect when your in the studio program, I think if you right click on the object or look at its properties, there are many programs (like Blender) that will fix the normals for you.

Try it, not too hard I don't think in Blender (Edit mode, select all vertices (AKEY), CTRL-N -> "Recalculate normals outside", confirm. )

Worth a try.