Paranoia goes Alpha

Hi everyone! In two/three weeks I would like to make a small network test run!

It will be a 4vs4 deathmatch game. I hope to get three classes finished by then (I will reuse a model probably).

Focus of this demo will be network and game control handling. Therefore I would like to hear your opinions and of course suggestions! It requires Windows atm. Pls post a short “Yes I want to be part!”. Of course there can be more than 8 people!


Cool :slight_smile: Count me in :smiley:

Edit: Wooot?? Windoze only? Wtf?

Sign me up! I’ll be available during the first three weeks of April.

Windows 7 Ultimate 64-bit


Ubuntu 10.10 64-bit

both with GeForce 8600M GT (dual-boot)

p.s. some screenshots should go a long way in attracting some more playtesters :wink: I’ll tweet this if you can share some sneak-peaks worth pointing to.

Yes I want to be part! :slight_smile:

let me know when you are doing it and i will gladly participate

Sure thing, I want to test it too… :slight_smile:


Windows → I test it on windows. If it works, next version will be Mac


I use some dummy models. Call me a perfectionist :wink:

And I want the “BANG” - effect! xD