Parse and JMonkeyEngine

Hello there! I’m trying to make an application that uses Parse’s data storage/management service and found this instruction:

I could not find any help but this:

I know there it says “in Android Studio” but I found the sdk has what could be something equally usefull

I then used the sdk’s searchbox with no results, googled under “jmonkey and gradle” and similar keywords with some interesting results but did not find what I was looking for. I’m Sorry if this is a noob question but thanks in advance for your answers.

After thinking about my post a while, I felt rude about not saying what parse is, here’s some info:

Is gradle an Apple thingy?

If you are using netbeans/the downloaded sdk I might be able to help you with a couple of screenshots:

then add to library or parse jar like this:

and netbeans(the downloaded sdk) will write the proper calls for ya. or you can learn ant and fiddle with the build.xml file manual (tougher, longer learning curve, all that…)

Hope this helps,

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Gradle is a build tool. The one jMonkeyEngine is moving to so that we can leap-frog maven entirely.

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Oh! ok, yeah. I’m just still on the 3.0 stable which uses ant n stuff.

Im not sure how netbeans handles this,

did you actually regenerate your project files so it pulls in the changes?
Also did you see it actually downloading that stuff while building at least once?

:grinning: thanks for answering so soon! I’m making progress but still have problems testing the lib, I somehow managed to screw everything up…

  1. My android target device disappeared (After running the android target config util and downloading an android “extra”)
  2. The (Run Android Target Configuration Utility) does nothing when I click it
  3. I can’t “clean and build” my proyect because the sdk can’t find the sdk dir anymore :disappointed:
    I think I can fix this I’ll post the results soon

does regenerate mean “clean/build”?, I did see it downloading the stuff while building

yes thats the first part,
the second would be that the nbproject files for your project should reflect the new librarys.
Either the netbeans gradle integration should do that, or you need to explicitly do a call similar to
gradle eclipse (wich regenerates eclipse project files).

For the device it might simply help to replug it, at least I often had that problem with android.

Aight… I think I found the problem… My tools folder of the sdk vanished because when downloading something from the manager an error poppedd up and everything suddenly closed → sending my tools folder to the limbo, meaning I’ll have to decompress another copy of the sdk (lucky me I didn’t get rid of that angelical zip back up)

Results: as soon as I can clean->build the project I’ll check if the nbproject files are there

Update: Back on the cleaning and building business!

Update: Nothing on the nbproject folder shouting “hey your new libs are here!” either I’m deaf or I’m too dumb to realize they’re there

Update: Weird error–> Unable to delete “dir”/jme3jbullet but running again fixed it “somehow” !!! :blush::blush::blush: I’m so happy guys, thanks a lot!!!


  1. Do what @Relic724 said
  2. Clean and build
  3. Follow the next steps at Parse Steps For Android
  4. Clean and build
  5. Manually import the “com.parse” lib
  6. Clean and build
  7. Run the project twice!?

You may not need to clean&build that much :sweat_smile: , It’s just what I did and works

Yeah, netbeans just uses build calls to ant for configuring/customizing target platform deployment.

Gradle is a lateral extension, as that it accepts ant calls/configurations, along with it’s own. So no biggie. I saw on the site where they are looking to be able to import Maven’s POM.xml file, too. edit: ooh, wait yeah… they were talkin’ about run-time integration with maven… lol. so that makes this a lateral for both ant and Maven.

edit: begin :chimpanzee_facepalm: …
Maven… Maven would have to be considered a vertical extension to ant…
Maven is just the “on-line” way to deploy/manage ant build configurations instead of “Hard Coding” the configurations into the SDK. Wise choice, IMO, as that stable (for beginners / learners) soon get out of synch with the “cutting edge” of engine development. One improper change to the POM.xml to support the cutting edge crew would throw all stables out of whack due to referencing an online “build configuration” repository. That said, if done properly, it would also improve all stables with additional functionality as well.
-but the same “effect” can occur just by releasing an update notification for the stable… lol.

I should define my usage of the term “stable”: to use the stand-alone 3.0 stable SDK (based on Netbeans) as the example, the build configurations for Windows/iOS/Linux/Android ant tasks would simply be hosted online rather than “Hard Coded” into the SDK, as it is with the 3.0 stable.
edit: end :chimpanzee_facepalm:…

edit: Of course I could be waaaay off, too. I haven’t really delved into Ant, Gradle, and Maven, yet. I

Yeppers, the Clean and Build refreshes the ant tasks and cluttered directories.

very important to Clean and Build after importing a new lib or jar.

Go ArrTeeEss! +1 level to your exp gauge. :wink:

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Maven is in no way an extension to Ant. It’s a completely separate build tool which fixes two major things in my opinion. Dependency management and standardised build commands. Both which makes it super easy for a new developer to pick up any project using it.

This is true, go read up some more :wink:

Haha, yeah… I tend to :chimpanzee_facepalm: a lot. :sweat_smile:

Thank you for the clarification. Both Ant and Maven (Gradle as well) are still outside of my “range of known lingos” as that I haven’t had to worry about a multi-platform deployment… yet. ← This is human nature.

I naturally roll with Ant builds because I use netbeans, and the team has the Ant builds preconfigured for the downloadable 3.0 SDK stable.
I use Ant without knowing proper Ant syntax… as that it is done for me.

So, with those facts in mind, I can say with complete accuracy that “I love Maven because it has cool icons in Netbeans”:

… :chimpanzee_facepalm: …

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Trust me the more you know maven, the more you like gradle and ant XD


Not true.

lol you like to fire up flame wars lately :wink: