Partial transparency?

I see geometry can be fully transparent or not transparent at all. I assume partial transparencies are done through materials, but I can’t get it to work for Sky.j3md or SimpleTextured.j3md. Is there an easy way to do partial transparencies with textures?

Transparency is a bit complex … There are several steps involved.

If you’re using SimpleTextured and want the alpha value in the texture get blended, use this:



I don’t want to simply use the alpha channel of a texture. I want to have effects that can “fade away” a texture. For example, the atmosphere in my skydome is (supposed to be) a solid texture that fades away slowly as night approaches until it is fully transparent. Basically, I’m looking for the jme3 version of


If there’s no easy/efficient way to do this, may I suggest such a feature be added.

Shader maybee? Blending two textures ? But there might be a simpler solution

(give ina uniform how much of texture one and use 1-amount for texture two when rendering the fragments)

You will probably have to write your own material/shader, I looked at the SimpleTextured and ColoredTextured materials and surprisingly they don’t support the feature you’re after.

Since you’re doing skies, you might as well have a custom shader that will support all the things you’re trying to achieve.

I see. I’m a little new to GLSL but I’ll see what I can do.