Particle Effect - Fire (early version)


thought i share a video of an early version of a particle effect I'm working on. The playback is a bit choppy because youtube chokes on videos with nonstandard framerates - maybe I'll upload a HD one later.

Feedback is appreciated though please keep in mind it's outdated work - the latest versions look more natural and realistic but since they are for an unannounced project, i keep those for now :P


Very realistic! impressive!!

I'll wait with a craned neck.  :wink:

hot!  }:-@

looks awesome. i want it. i need it. give it to me!  }:-@  :wink:

looks great

:-o :-o :-o :-o



thanks for the positive feedback :slight_smile: I'll try to post more artwork like other particle effects (got plenty), meshes or animations and maybe some infos about the game but that can take a while since i'm pretty busy.

Cheers and happy coding,


It looks very cool. :slight_smile:

How many particles are you using for this?

The smoke looks a bit "detached" from the fire. Perhaps because the emitter is inside of the fire above the floor? Perhaps you can set the smoke emitter to the same height as the fire-emitter, but make the ring-emitter for the fire a bit bigger?

Thanks for the feedback and suggestion :slight_smile: The smoke in the current version already connects seamlessly with the fire (lowered the emitter ;), gets illuminated till an higher altitude and has some sparks flying up, it’s still far from perfect though and right now it’s meant for dark scenarios since it loses some of it’s “magic” against a very bright background.

A newer version, though not the latest:

The first version had 56 particles using one png - the current one has 68 using 2 pngs but thats with sparks and untweaked - and after all this effect is for large damaged objects only, so you wont have many of them in one scene, probably less then 3. Still aiming for less particles then the first version - i can save a lot at the “standing” smoke above the fire. Textures are around ~18kb total @ 128 and 64px, i think i can live with that :wink: Else it still looks acceptable with 64 and 32px textures but not that great.

It looks very very cool with this second particle-image. :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

Significant improvement.

I hope the game is not about firefighters, because I would hate to blow out this fires. :wink:

Doing all of your work in RenParticleEditor?

Trussell said:

Doing all of your work in RenParticleEditor?

well good question, you tell me :D im using this one, it only says "Particle System Editor":

"version 3.448, 2006 March 9"

kinda old though but thats what im working with :)

Really nice effect! Beats my fireeffect^^

Can you tell us a bit about your game. I'm kinda curious :wink:

I hope the game is not about firefighters, because I would hate to blow out this fires. ;)

Hehe no worries, you wont put them out... you'll start them :evil:

Can you tell us a bit about your game. I'm kinda curious ;)

I would love to but it's kinda early for details... but it will be a lot of fun and wont look that bad ;)

Yeah, that's Ren's. It says RenParticleEditor when you run it from Ant. Did you get a standalone or something? Anyway great work. I assume you used a special texture you  made in photoshop, along with timed color changes from bright yellow to orange and red and then finally to grey and black?

i got a standalone from one of my projects coders since im a 2D/3D artist and have no use for the rest :wink: Yeah i used PS7 for a custom particle png and did several color cycles to simulate illumination - that way i can stick with just one particle… if it wasnt for the sparks :slight_smile:

It looks very good. You are no doubt a talented artist. What influences are you using on the particles?

thanks for the compliment :slight_smile: only influence is gravity to reduce the smoke's speed while rising, i think the sparks use gravity as well to speed up while rising… well, not sure about the sparks right now XD

nice looking, what you also do is add another layer or two and use the "bubble" texture  and emitter "shapes" to simulate volume  or a …um firewall :stuck_out_tongue:

yeh, there is already some "depth" in the particle - actually fire and smoke are the same png - they just use different blending modes, else it would be just one layer without sparks :slight_smile: