Particle effect problems

hi helpful community,

i tried attaching a particleeffect to a geometrymesh inside a shared node.

however, attaching the particlegeometry to rootnode->myobjects->particlenode->here and using a sharedgeometry at rootnode -> otherobjects -> somewhereelse -> here as the emitter. the result is a MUCH bigger spawning area than the actual geometry uses.

"somewhereelse" has a local scale, so this is my bug suspect. how can i achieve the desired result?

do the particle geometry and emitter have to share the same parent?

they dont have to share the same parent at all.

the geometry for the particle emitter should be a basic geometry like line, ring and stuff.

the parent of the actual partical geometry can be anythng really. it only defines where the partiles are in ur scene graph.

what exactly does "should be" mean? doesn't it work on an arbitrary trimesh?

HamsterofDeath said:

what exactly does "should be" mean? doesn't it work on an arbitrary trimesh?

ive never tried that but i belive it doesnt work correctly on a trimesh. and i think it shouldnt work on a trimesh anyways.

however if u do want ur particles to form some sort of explosion effects from a trimesh, u can use the batch particle which can be created directly off a geom batch.

something like

ParticleFactory.createParticles(100, geomBatch);

Thank you!

Btw, it seems to have more particles where you have more geometry… So if you want more particles on a certain bit of your object, you could always add more surfaces there. TestFireMilk ftw!