Particle effects with RenParticleEditor migrate to jme 2.0

hey there guys!

I have been using jme 1.0 for one of my projects and finally got around to take it to 2.0. Unfortunately, i have to reconvert the models from their original formats to .jme again, which works so far.

Bad thing is though, the particle effects that are done with RenParticleEditor are saved directly as .jme. AFAIK, i have to recreate all particle effects? Does anyone know a simpler way to convert a particle effect from 1.0 to 2.0?

thanks in advance.

I just got the particle editor up on 2 machines and did it the old fashioned way.

As a one off task it seemed quicker than coming up with something more clever and I got chance to tweak them here and there (since the 2.0 editor has more options).

The particle systems are broadly the same though so I would imagine you could save out the parameters as xml and build a 2.0 particle system to the same spec with some simple code.