Particle effects

i haven't been follow this forum and the java docs aren't up to date so i was wondering if any body could give me the run down on it. thx

The best way to go is to check-out from CVS or download the source and try the example code provided.  That's actually how I learned most of what I know in jME including particle effects.  It's also just really neat to see what can be done in some of the examples.


Since it's posted in the physics forum maybe the question relates to physics and particle effects? (eg. smoke that that goes around obstacles, is affected by wind and such). As far as I know jME doesn't have any provisions for this, since particles are one "object" in jME and thus in jME physics. It's an intresting field though. I think at least wind effects could somehow be integrated with physics without too much trouble.

If it's just for doing some plain particle effects, renanse has just updated his particle effect editor, wich is both in jME CVS and the new 0.9 release.

DP has done some particle support for jME-Physics, but actually I don't know what it's for, or what it's able to do  - as darkfrog said: have a look yourself.

What JavaDoc would you consider to be out of date?


Are you referring to physics with particle effects?  There is some examples of using explosions in jME-Physics that would fall under that category.  It's actually quite easy to do.  I use that in my game along with particle effects for rocket explosions, it's pretty cool.

Please clarify exactly what you're wanting to know.


sorry i say somebody else posting about paricle effects in physics so i thought this was the place anyways i know wanna know fire in particluar working on a game where it's kinda like rome total war where you hand out directions and stuff in 3rd person and do the figting in 1st and i wanna know about fire if i should use the particle effect you guys got(either because there that good looking or there that far along it'd be really easy) if not i guess i'll use animated quads which isn't half as cool.  And smoke also thinking about using that how cool would it be if on a  time based mission you could pass out to smoke and your team mates have to drag you to safty.

We got fire, we got smoke. :o

Take a look into the jME source for some tests using particle effects.  You'll see smoke and fire as well as some very interesting other examples.

Mojo, can you move this out of Physics and into Effects.


Using nice looking particle effects requires more cpu/gpu-time, though it can look way better than few animated quads. And, yes, it should be a bit easier to set up - at least with the particle editor to start off…