Particle "Implosion"


maybe a noob question:

When a new item appears in a game, it would be cool to show a kind of implosion. The explosion example in the ParticleEditor looks really good, but how can I get this "backwards"?


You could potentially use a hidden sphere as the emitter and make a particle influence that attracts particles to a central point.

Damn! I knew that letting the timer count backwards wouldn't work  :smiley:

No, seriousely, I'll try out your suggestion. Thanks for the hint!

sending negative values to the timer might sort of work for the velocity part of particles, but you'd run into issues regarding particle lifetimes, etc.

Sorry, probably a noob question:

[edit]first question solved & deleted[/edit]

Is it possible to set the particle position relative to the parent node and not to the world? It seems that if my player runs, he leaves the explosion behind and sees nothing.

Two more noob remarks: Renanses Particle Editor is great, but I really liked the "generate code" feature from the old one. some more examples, e.g. for non-point emitters, would be also great. Generally, a little bit more doc for the particle system would be a nice X-mas present: It is easy to get something with particles running, but hard to get exactly