Particle system textures

Hey, what would be the easiest way to implement a laser beam? 

At first I was using a particle system but when I saw that the particle texture isn't directional, it appears the same from every direction, I realized that may not work.  I suppose I could make large particles but I would love to have thin little laser beams that

    1.  Don't require 30+ particles apiece

    2.  Aren't full shapes being shot out (wouldn't this be laggey in comparison?  would this make collision handling easier?)

Thanks, I would have tried some on these ideas but it takes me forever to get code sections to work…

I wish I could help. Making a shape that stretches out seems to be the most logical answer though.

in jme2 u should be able to fashion something with TrailMesh class and test are part of the effects package if u use jme1 usercode has a ribbon class that can do something similar …err, I think