Particle Trail

I'm looking to implement a trail of particles, as the trail of a missile and I am rather confused about how to do this, so far I have:

        ParticleMesh partMesh = ParticleFactory.buildParticles("big", 80);
        partMesh.setEmissionDirection(new Vector3f(0.0f, 1.0f, 0.0f));
        partMesh.setStartColor(new ColorRGBA(1.0f, 0.312f, 0.121f, 1.0f));
        partMesh.setEndColor(new ColorRGBA(1.0f, 0.24313726f, 0.03137255f, 0.0f));

If i add this mesh to a node, and move the node there does not appear to be any movement of the mesh... with or without a trail effect.

I'm pretty sure I'm going majorly wrong about my approach for this... but I can't find anything on the forums / site when I search for "particle" with "tail", "follow" or "movement".


check this out

You can also take a look here:

Maybe that

Wow… this really looks quite "expensive" for what its worth (especially the physics stuff), for the moment I think I will leave it without the missile tail effects.

Maybe you misunderstood. You don

Perick, apologies. I now understand! I have it loaded into my jME game, and it seems to be working a treat… BUT it is not finding the texture to load with the model. I have smoke .PNG in the same folder as the smoke.jme file, but the pink missing image is shown on the trail behind the missile!

I have tried implementing the ResourceLocatorTool as in the source code from the car game, but that doesn’t seem to have helped!

Thanks a lot for your input! I REALLY appreciate it!

This might not be it, but check that the name matches exactly your texture, because names could be case sensitive for resources since they are URLs.

They were copied "as is" from the example, and I can confirm that they are identical (obviously not including the file extension).

I think it's the resource locator yes. Check and recheck tha you're adding the package/folder where you put the files to the ResourceLocator.

disso said:

obviously not including the file extension

St00p1d question, but why not including the file extension? ResourceLocator would try any extension it recognizes, so there is no gain in getting rid of it, and it just does not feel right to do that.

I mean that the file names are identical apart from the extension, i.e.:



I am then adding the path to the resource locator. Any other ideas?

OK guys… Realized part of the problem! If I copy and paste the png into the root of my project it works!

OK, so now all I have to do is modify the path that I give to reference the PNG file… right? BUT… I do not actually specify it anywhere, all I provide is the location of the .jme file! I opened the .jme file and there is no reference to the PNG file in there either!