ParticleEffect explosion

Can anyone help me with some hints on how to create a nice looking explosions with the particle editor in jme? I’ve tried but all my explosions look flat and sprite looking :frowning: I would like explosions like these (especially first image, right explosion):

Do you think I need to use some layering? And maybe animated sprites? I have currently only tried with single texture sprites in one layer, without any success :confused:

Definitely use some layers, I find effects look hollow with only one.

Some nice textures can also make a big difference - I haven't played around much with them but standard particles produce smooth samey looking effects.

Possibly try emitting some emitters for effects similar to that picture, as the basic particle system doesn't really let you cluster particles.

Not sure about animated sprites, maybe.

Ok, thanks for the response. I will give it a try with some layers. Maybe one for the small cluster explosions and one for the big fireball.

and you could spawn new explosions from a few particles.

and you could spawn new explosions from a few particles.

I tried it but it's really hard to get it right. At least for me who is not an special effect guru. When trying, it doesn't look like a single explosion but some kind of firework going on. :(