particleEmitter to follow a node

Hello g uys, I am trying to achive a simple shooting star and i’d like to make it glow, but the problem is that i want the particles to follow the motion of my node…
the problem ios that the light of the shooting star stays befind the actual node, i want to use the particle emitter so that the particles will have their position relative to the parent node, not to the woprld.

is it possible?

here is an example :
my shooting star looks like this


the X is where the light is
and the ----------------- is the trail

I want the particles of the X emitter to move with the node because since a light changes shape when it moves i want to use the particle emitter to make the light look realistic.

for the trail, I want the reguyular particle system particles.

the problem is that that i’m getting something like this instead:


and i just want this :
(X changes shape)

OK, found the solution: emitter.setInWorldSpace(false)

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Are you using a single particle emitter and resetting it’s location? Or are you constantly making new ones?

hello m8 i just found the solution, I am actually using two emitters, one in worldSpace and one in Local spacze, the shooting stars light is in local space, and the trail is in world space, the result looks fabulous! :slight_smile: