ParticleFactory question

SInce you are attaching the particles to the ship, it may be inheriting the texture. If the texture goes on and off, you probably forgot the updateRenderState on the particles after creating and attaching them to the scene.

okay, keep them separate from the vehicle model and updateRender. I definitely forgot the latter so I'll try that first.


It's ok to attach, just make sure you understand what that implies. :slight_smile:

Ha! Yeah I figured that as soon as I clicked post!

Is there a way of turning a stream off besides just getting rid of it? I just want the last iteration to finish without recycling.

Thank ye, o Particle Prince (gender assumption… :))

Set the controller's repeat type to clamp when you are ready for it to fizz out.


How I can get particles to align so that they always face to the camera?

When I'm trying that code in the first post I get particles but they don't look the same from all directions, so it looks stupid.

I've also tried the Renanse Particle Editor but there are yet other problems. I loaded the effect with following code. The loading takes 2 minutes or so. The editor loads the same effects with no problem. Once loaded the effect doesn't look quite the same as in the editor.

 public static Node createParticleNode(URL url)

The particles should automatically be aligned towards the camera (well, that is actually not true, they are really oriented parallel to the camera for performance reasons), right?

Well here are some screenshots for this case:

I don't know what's wrong but that particle effect doesn't look too good.

Here's my code for it:

ParticleMesh mesh = ParticleFactory.buildParticles("particles", 300);

Is this possibly some kind of 2-pass transparency issue?

My only idea about the orientation would be that you are not calling updateGeometricState (for instance when you change the camera position), but if you are doing it, then I have no clue… And I also agree that there seems to be a problem with transparency too, but it might be due to his SRC and DST choices.

I've only been able to get point particles by creating the ParticleGeometry with ParticleFactory.buildPointParticles().

Next, I've had enormous problems with trying to blend particles against things in the ORTHO queue.  The ortho object fragment either fails Z and doesn't blend around the particle (like you're seeing), or it simply overwrites the particle, depending on your settings.  I can't figure out how to solve that, owing as how the ORTHO queue gets rendered well after the particles.

Also, your particles shouldn't be writing to the Z buffer.