Particles losing texture when ParticleMesh moved

When I first add a ParticleMesh generator that renders particles to the screen, they all have the correct textures and blending.  However, if I stop the generator, remove it from the root node,  then re-attach it later (and re-start the generator), they have lost their textures etc…, and the generator just creates coloured quads.

Any ideas?

how do you re-add it to the rootNode?

i might be a total noob to particles, but that might help.

there is a method called forceRespawn() on ParticleMesh, i have no idea what it does, but it appear on tutorials when you need to re-add the particle to the rootNode, it might avoid this textureloss issue, but i have no idea of it will realy help! it's just a guess

do a rootNode.updateRenderState() after re-adding the particles to the root node, it might help.

Thanks, updateRenderState()  was the answer.  So obvious now I think about it!