Particles system bug

Hi. I'm using the particle system from the cvs, and it has a very annoying bug (The previous stable release also does have it). The first time a ParticleMesh is created, it displays the particles in the center of the screen (0,0,0 possibly), even if I setOriginOffset() to a new value before adding it to the scene. The same thing happens with the color (but only with me). That first "splash" is with the particles color set to ParticleGeometry.DEFAULT_START_COLOR. It seems that all the values are set to defaults, yet I set them before adding ParticleMesh.

The effect is clearly noticeable in jmetest.effects.TestParticleSystem. When the viewport appears, move the camera with the keys fast - and you will notice that the very first splash is in the center, not where the subsequent origin of "fireball" is.

Can anybody tell me the workaround for this problem?

Did you warm it up?

irrisor said:

Did you warm it up?

Ah, that set me into the right direction! Warmup is not needed, the trouble was that I (and the demo example) explicitly setControlFlow(false), and it should be true. Thanks, everything looks fine now.